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Woah, I havent blogged in a decade!
So many things happening around here at Beka Price Photography. I have a new studio, new brand and am exclusively working with just moms and babes. I got to travel to Brazil for Summer to visit my family and to teach some workshops and do a million sessions. It was so fun! But it is topic for another blog post. 😉

This week I got my new business cards. I got them done with Pro Digital Photo. They are absolutely amazing – the business cards and my friends at Pro Digital 😉 . If you are local, make sure to visit them at their store in Pleasant Grove, but if you are not local, no worries, you can order from them through their online store http://www.prodigitalphotos.com/ .
For a while I have searched high and low for a place that would print my logo in gold foil. YES! GOLD FOIL!!! crazy eh? but it is the perfect match for my branding and I couldnt be happier with how these turned out.

Many people ask about my logo. I made it myself. It is my handwriting. It was so hard to achieve the look I wanted to go with. It took me several months to get to where I wanted and still sometimes I think it is not perfect. But I have come to the realization that I need to just stop thinking (and messing) about it.
Now tha tI finally found the gold foil, I am so so happy!

As soon as I brought these beauties home, I had to do a photo shoot with them. Humm, what??? photo shoot with business and thank you cards? why yes! haha.
Hope you enjoy the pictures 🙂


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