session planning & consultation
Professional hair and makeup (for mom)
Access to our newborn prop, outfits and accessories collection
full Studio session
Ordering Appointment to purchase your digitals and prints

Newborn sessions are ideally scheduled for around 2-3 weeks of birth; however, you won’t be turned away if your baby is a little "older". We have successfully done sessions with 5-6 week old babies that have been born prematurely and/or had to stay in the hospital for a little longer.
because our calendar fills up far in advance, we suggest to book your session in the beginning of your 2nd trimester to ensure you reserve your spot.

All newborn sessions are done at our studio in the beautiful city of Holladay, prime area in Salt Lake City, UT.
our newborn studio was designed with babies and families in mind. newborn outfits, props and everything you need, we have it here!
 we have a professional cleaning crew sanitize and deep clean the studio prior to newborn sessions to ensure maximum safety and health to all our clients.

We will schedule an in-person or phone consultation where we will gather all the details for your session including accessories, props and color scheme of your desire. Beka will walk you through each step of the process and you won’t have to worry about bringing any items to your session unless it is something special you wish to include.

Session fee $399

SESSION fee does not include any digitals or prints and those can be purchased separately at the ordering appointment.

The session fee is non-refundable and due at time of booking to secure your place in our calendar.

It covers the time planning and preparing your session, shooting your session, preparing the images and the Ordering Appointment/Gallery Viewing.

This fee does not include any products and those can be purchased separately at the ordering appointment. The matching Digital files will accompany any product that you select.

Whether you just want an album, a few portraits or start a small wall gallery that will allow to grow over the years, we can help with them all.
Collections start at $1500. Most clients choose to invest between $3500 - $6500 in their portraits.

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schedule a consultation

schedule a consultation

We understand sometimes parents prefer to have the session done at their home for several reasons... one of them being that they are more interested in a lifestyle look.
we are happy to accommodate the request and do a mix of both lifestyle and posed style if desired.

These sessions normally take twice as much time packing, transporting and setting up so our session fee reflects all of that.

Session fee for the in-home sessions is $749.
it will include everything like the traditional studio session:
hair and makeup, props, outfits, etc; we will just do it all at your home instead of the studio.
These are limited sessions and only available upon request so enquire in advance.

We will schedule our hair and makeup artist to go to your home and will get you ready while beka is taking pictures of just baby, and/or with siblings and dad.

in-home sessions

Session fee $749