BPP Mother’s Day Event 2023

The Mother’s Day event is a little tradition I have kept for several years – with just a few exceptions, and it’s my way to celebrate motherhood and womanhood with you and give you a chance to have pictures of you with your children, your spouse or even just by yourself.

PS: Grandmas, aunties and sisters are also welcome to join. 
Generation photos are a must in these events.

All sessions will happen at Beka Price’s new studio located on 
2258 E Fort Union Blvd.
Cottonwood heights, UT 
Suite B5
Dates: April 13th-15th

(now booking dates outside the event time – Just message to request a specific date)

(You can request a custom date if these don’t work for you)

How it’s going to work:
• Click on the link and select your spot. That’s the time your session starts. You will come to the studio 1 hour before to start makeup and hair styling, and pick your outfit. (many children sizes are also available)
• You have the option to upgrade your products if you’d like
• We can do the ordering appointment directly after the session or through Zoom.
• Images will be available via online gallery a week after your ordering appointment.
• Delivery of products will happen 3 weeks after ordering appointment.
• If you need a different day and time form the ones listed, let me know!

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