{Brad & Makayla} – Wedding – Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer

A few months ago I got to second shoot Emily from Emmy Lowe Photo on this beautiful wedding.

Grateful for opportunities to be with other fellow photographers and learn from them. Emily is a doll.

Here are some highlights from the wedding.

Brad and Makayla-7548.jpg
Brad and Makayla-7590.jpg
Brad and Makayla-7603.jpg
Brad and Makayla-7606.jpg
Brad and Makayla-7616.jpg
Brad and Makayla-7618.jpg
Brad and Makayla-7630.jpg
Brad and Makayla-7633.jpg
Brad and Makayla-7635.jpg
Brad and Makayla-7640.jpg
Brad and Makayla-7644.jpg
Brad and Makayla-7650.jpg
Brad and Makayla-7658.jpg
Brad and Makayla-7662.jpg
Brad and Makayla-7665.jpg
Brad and Makayla-7672.jpg
Brad and Makayla-7677.jpg
Brad and Makayla-7690.jpg
Brad and Makayla-7794.jpg
Brad and Makayla-7797.jpg
Brad and Makayla-7803.jpg
Brad and Makayla-7815.jpg
Brad and Makayla-7846.jpg
Brad and Makayla-7849.jpg
Brad and Makayla-7873.jpg
Brad and Makayla-7896.jpg
Brad and Makayla-7921.jpg

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